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We love it here, and we hope you will too. Here's a little but about what makes our little corner of the mountains so special. 


The first settlers to the region were met with Iroquois Native Americans to the north. Many years later in 1879 the town of Livingston Manor was formed along the Oswego railway line and named after the regions historic landowner Robert Livingston the Elder.

Since it's founding the town was known for its fly fishing, sawmills, and farming; all made possible because of the abundant supply of water from the areas rivers and the lumber from the surrounding forests. 


If you’ve come to Livingston Manor to fly-fish, join the club! People have been doing it here for more than 150 years. While this is not the only part of the Catskills where you can practice the contemplative sport, it is certainly one of the best—and the richest in history.

There is abundant public fishing access within 20 minutes of town, including right along Main Street, where 27-mile Willowemoc Creek flows through on its way to join the Beaverkill in Roscoe. Like many river stretches in the southern Catskills, the “Willow” (like the Beaverkill) is undammed. It ultimately flows into the mighty Delaware, the largest uninterrupted river east of the Mississippi.


Livingston Manor has been a hub of local commerce since its founding, but the old tanneries and sawmills of the past have given way to a new generation of breweries, restaurants, hotels, shops and cafes catering to locals and visitors alike.

There are well over one hundred active businesses in Livingston Manor meaning there's plenty of things to do while visiting, so it's no surprise that Travel & Leisure listed the town as one of the best small towns in New York. 


They call Livingston Manor the "Small town with a big back yard" for a reason. The town is located right on the edge of the park and a short drive will take you into the park with over 100 mountain peaks and six major rivers.

Aside from the landscape itself you can find a wide array of wildlife ranging from the impressive black bears and bald eagles, to the tiny wonders of edible mushrooms, and spring ramps. 

Whether you're a forager, a rambler, or a rock climber there is something for everyone in the park. 

About the CHAMBER

The Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce is a local association of volunteers dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of our little town, and doing all we can to help you fall just that little bit more in love with it.


Livingston Manor is located in Sullivan County right on the edge of the Catskill Park. Take exit exit 96 off route 17, and you'll find us there. 

Just two hours from New York City, and the perfect staging post for trips to the mountains and charming towns of the south west Catskills. 

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